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Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Sexual Risk Behaviour Among Women Who Inject Drugs in Indonesia: A Respondent-Driven Sampling Study

Spreckelsen, T., Stoicescu, C., Cluver, L. D., Casale, M., Sudewo, A. G., Irwanto,
11 June 2018

Women who inject drugs are disproportionately afected by HIV and intimate partner violence (IPV); however, the link between IPV and HIV remains under-researched among substance-using women in low-…

Syndemic and Synergistic Effects of Intimate Partner Violence, Crystal Methamphetamine, and Depression on HIV Sexual Risk Behaviors among Women Who Inject Drugs in Indonesia

Praptoraharjo, I., Mahanani, M., Ameilia, R., Stoicescu, C., Irwanto,
14 March 2019

Women who inject drugs are disproportionately affected by co-occurring intimate partner violence (IPV), poor mental health, and substance use. Less is known about the potentially synergistic effec…

Quality-of-Life (QoL) of Indonesian Children Living with HIV: The Role of Caregiver Stigma, Burden of Care, and Coping

Azwin Mengindra Putera, Margarita Maria Maramis, Irwanto,
14 October 2020

Background: Treatment of children with HIV infection has increased rapidly by increasing the life span of HIV patients from baby to adult. Improving the quality-of-life (QoL) in c…