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First Report on HHV-6 Infection Among HIV-Infected Individuals Residing in Surabaya, Indonesia

Soetjipto, Nasronudin, Oktafiani D, Megasari N L A, Ana E F, Lusida M I,
30 September 2020

This research aims to determine the presence of HHV-6 infection among HIV infected individuals. Taking place in Surabaya, Indonesia…

Human herpes virus 8 antibodies in HIV-positive patients in Surabaya, Indonesia

Nasronudin, Fitriana E, Megasari N L, Oktafiani D, Soetjipto, Lusida M I,
12 October 2020

This clinical study examines the presence of HHV-8 antibodies in HIV positive patients residing in Surabaya, Indonesia. Human Herpe…