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Sero- and Molecular Epidemiology of HIV-1 in Papua Province, Indonesia

Nasronudin, Kameoka, M., Meilani, Yeheskiel, T., Yunifiar, M. Q., Indriati, D. W., Kotaki, T., Ueda, S., Khairunisa, S. Q., Witaningrum, A. M.,
25 March 2020

This study assesses serological and molecular epidemiological studies of HIV in order to clarify HIV prevalence and to give more epidemiological data in Papua. HIV still remains a significant heal…

Analysis on Secondary Infection-Triggering Microorganisms in HIV/AIDS Patients as A Model For Policy Control

Nasronudin, Khairunisa S Q, Rahayu R R, Lukito B D, Ferdiansyah, Indrawati R, Adiana M, Widiyanti P, Kotaki T,
28 April 2020

This observational descriptive research was aimed to analyze microorganisms that potentially triggered secondary infection in HIV-AIDS patients. HIV infection was often, …

First Report on HHV-6 Infection Among HIV-Infected Individuals Residing in Surabaya, Indonesia

Soetjipto, Nasronudin, Oktafiani D, Megasari N L A, Ana E F, Lusida M I,
30 September 2020

This research aims to determine the presence of HHV-6 infection among HIV infected individuals. Taking place in Surabaya, Indonesia…

Human herpes virus 8 antibodies in HIV-positive patients in Surabaya, Indonesia

Nasronudin, Fitriana E, Megasari N L, Oktafiani D, Soetjipto, Lusida M I,
12 October 2020

This clinical study examines the presence of HHV-8 antibodies in HIV positive patients residing in Surabaya, Indonesia. Human Herpe…

Identification of HIV-1 subtypes and drug resistance mutations among HIV-1-infected individuals residing in Pontianak, Indonesia

Khairunisa SQ, Nasronudin, Natalia D, Kameoka M, Kotaki T, Megasari NLA, Indriati DW,
22 October 2020

This molecular study aimed to investigate HIV-1 subtype classification as well as the prevalence of drug resistance mutations (DRMs…