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Costs of HIV/AIDS treatment in Indonesia by time of treatment and stage of disease

Komarudin, D., Tromp, N., van der Ven, A., Wisaksana, R., van Crevel, R., Baltussen, R., Siregar, A. Y. M.,
24 March 2020

This study was an economic analysis of HIV care and treatment in Indonesia in order to map the costs incurred for having HIV treatments associated with time of treatment and stage of disease.…

Prioritizing HIV/AIDS prevention strategies in Bandung, Indonesia: A cost analysis of three different HIV/AIDS interventions

Wieland, M. W. M., Remers, T. E. P., Prawiranegara, R., Baltussen, R., Siregar, A. Y. M., de Bresser, I.,
25 March 2020

This research focused on assessing the societal costs of outreach programs that were addressed for MSM and transgender, Harm Reduction Community Meetings (HRCMs) for IDUs…

Translating international HIV treatment guidelines into local priorities in Indonesia

Tromp, N., ..., Prawiranegara, R., Baltussen, R., WIsaksana, R., Pinxten, L., Siregar, A.,
26 March 2020

This study reports on the first-time implementation and evaluation of an EDP (Evidence-informed deliberative processes) in HIV control and organized to support the AIDS C…