Studi kebijakan merupakan sub-disiplin dari ilmu politik yang mencakup analisa proses pembuatan kebijakan dan konten dari kebijakan tersebut. Analisa kebijakan meliputi penelitian area substantive, serta evaluasi program dan dampak program dari desain kebijakan.

Building Critical Awareness Through HIV and AIDS Management Policy at Subdistrict and Village Level

Rokhmah, D., Khoiron.,
26 March 2020

This study is conducted in Jember Regency where the number of people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWIH) is reported to be increasing every year from 2004 to 2016. Prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission…

Translating international HIV treatment guidelines into local priorities in Indonesia

Tromp, N., ..., Prawiranegara, R., Baltussen, R., WIsaksana, R., Pinxten, L., Siregar, A.,
26 March 2020

This study reports on the first-time implementation and evaluation of an EDP (Evidence-informed deliberative processes) in HIV control and organized to support the AIDS C…

Komunikasi Sosial dalam Mendorong Penetapan Kebijakan Publik HIV/AIDS

Fuady, I., Prasanti. D., Arifin, H. S.,
25 March 2020

This study was aimed to examine the use of social communication process in order to encourage an effective development of HIV/AIDS prevention public policy. A qualitative…

Policy options to integrate HIV services into Social Health Insurance (JKN) in Indonesia

Megraini, A., Nadjib, M., Korib, M., Oktarina, R., Hartati, H.,, Harimurti, P., Pujiyanto, Sucahya, P. K.,
25 March 2020

This observational study was purposely aimed for assessing scenarios on cost and utilization in supporting the integration of HIV interventions into the Social Health Ins…

Policy for Drug Users in Indonesia: A Critical Policy Analysis of Jail Punishment and an Alternate Rehabilitation Policy

Sutarsa, I. N.,
24 March 2020

This article analyzed the progression of policy implemented for drug users in Indonesia. As drug users are viewed to be having mental disorder from an ICD 10 health persp…

National nursing and midwifery legislation in countries of South-East Asia with high HIV burdens

Elison, N., McCarthy, C., Verani, A.,
24 March 2020

This article reviewed nursing and midwifery legislation in high HIV-burden countries of the WHO South-East Asia Region in order to hopefully strengthen human resources such as nurses and midwifes …