Penelitian sosial perilaku menelaah tentang bagaimana dan mengapa orang berperilaku seperti yang mereka lakukan pada situasi tertentu serta bagaimana hal tersebut bisa mempengaruhi kesehatan.

Quality-of-Life (QoL) of Indonesian Children Living with HIV: The Role of Caregiver Stigma, Burden of Care, and Coping

Putera A M, Maramis M M, Irwanto,
21 December 2020

This article focused on analyzing the association of caregiver stigma, burden, and coping on Quality of Life (QoL) of Children livi…

Daily struggle to take antiretrovirals: a qualitative study in Papuans living with HIV and their healthcare providers

Sianturi E I, et al, Latifah E, Probandari A,
01 December 2020

This qualitative research was aimed to explore the experiences of Papuans living with HIV to taking ART from patients and healthcar…

HIV knowledge and stigma among dietetic students in Indonesia: implications for the nutrition education system

Yarrow L, Kidd T, Hsu W, Muturi N, Procter S B, Kusuma M T P L,
25 November 2020

This cross-sectional study was aimed to measure the extent of knowledge and stigma towards PLHIV among dietetic students, as well a…

Trust as a Determinant Factor for Condom Use among Female Sex Workers in Bali, Indonesia

Januraga P P, Gesesew H A, Ward P R,
22 October 2020

This study mainly focused on exploring how trust become a determinant for the usage of condom among Female Sex Workers (FSWs). It h…

Mobile Health App for Self-Learning on HIV Prevention Knowledge and Services Among a Young Indonesian Key Population: Cohort Study

Garg P R, Mehra D, Uppal L, Mehra S,
22 October 2020

This cohort study aimed to assess the role of a mobile app based on the principle of self-learning for improving HIV prevention kno…