Policy options to integrate HIV services into Social Health Insurance (JKN) in Indonesia

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Nadjib, M., Sucahya, P. K., Korib, M., Oktarina, R., Pujiyanto, Megraini, A., Hartati, H., & Harimurti, P. (2019). Policy options to integrate HIV services into Social Health Insurance (JKN) in Indonesia. Health Science Journal of Indonesia, 10(1), 67-76. DOI: https://doi.org/10.22435/hsji.v10i1.1604



This observational study was purposely aimed for assessing scenarios on cost and utilization in supporting the integration of HIV interventions into the Social Health Insurance (JKN) benefit package. HIV AIDS programs in Indonesia were mostly managed by external sources for years, and were planned to be taken over by domestic financial management in which JKN would be in charge. As this research focused on examining coverage and funding mechanism for HIV programs, a simulation model was developed to analyze options for integrating HIV programs into JKN, as well as to capture costs utilization from local health services. The simulation yielded results showing current HIV services were covered by government, and that mobilization of domestic resources had increased to sustain HIV programs. Moreover, HIV care and treatment could possibly be integrated to JKN in which the government also support prevention and ART programs. Such findings showed that JKN benefits package may give a reasonable and affordable was to reach HIV programs, though a clear roadmap was suggested by the authors to be developed in order for the services were sustained in a good quality.