Frailty among HIV-1 Infected Adults under Antiretroviral Therapy in Indonesia

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Wulunggono, W., Yunihastuti, E., Shatri, H., Wahyudi, E. R., & Ophinni, Y. (2019). Frailty among HIV-1 Infected Adults under Antiretroviral Therapy in Indonesia. Current HIV Research, 17. doi:10.2174/1570162x17666190828143947 


This article mainly focused on discussing frailty as one of the comorbidities among HIV-1 infected individuals, aiming to identify its prevalence and analyze its associated factors particularly on individuals under ART. A cross-sectional approach was deployed on 164 individuals in Jakarta, Indonesia as frailty had higher prevalence in LMICs. Researchers used Fried’s frailty phenotype score for the assessment tool and found out that more than half of the samples (54.9%) had dominant frailty phenotype. A single factor which is depression has been discovered to be an independent factor. Thus, researchers concluded that frailty was common among patients undergoing ART. This research was important for knowing HIV comorbidities to develop a further response and treatment, though a larger sample size and wider area is still required to be taken for future studies in order to deeper analyze the relation of frailty, HIV, and ART.