Evolving ART crisis for people living with HIV in Indonesia

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Luis, H., Fridayantara, W. D., Mahariski, P. A., Wignall, F. S., Irwanto, I., & Gedela, K. (2020). Evolving ART crisis for people living with HIV in Indonesia. The Lancet HIV, 7. DOI: 10.1016/S2352-3018(20)30138-7


This short review focused on discussing the various effects of COVID-19 pandemic on HIV responses, one of which is the ART crisis for PLHIV. This pandemic had stated to cause major drug shortages where some areas have completely run out of ARV within 2 weeks. Rations were done in one of the clinics in Bali and several ARV were switched to a more available one.  Most patients were stated to be MSM and were affected even more as some loses their jobs, and some experienced greater discrimination when accessing health care.  Other emerging issues were loss to follow-up and poor adherence, which might cause further vulnerability of PLHIV to COVID-19 infection. However, government response from The Ministry of Health recommended special operational program for specific population such as PLHIV to speed up ARV supply. Though such response was cultivated by government, researchers implied that it would not be enough for ending the countries’ drug shortages in a short period of time. This review gave an important information on how the current pandemic situation may affect HIV responses, especially in LMIC such as Indonesia.