Epidemiologi merupakan ilmu dan analisa mengenai distribusi (siapa, kapan, dan dimana), pola, serta faktor/determinan kesehatan maupun kondisi penyakit pada tingkat populasi.

Nevirapine and tuberculosis predict first-line treatment failure in HIV patients in Indonesia: Case-control study

Abdalla A S, Subronto Y W, Sattwika P D, Kusmayanti N A,
01 December 2020

This case-control research was aimed to examine the factors predicting first-line ART treatment failure among HIV positive patients…

Factors Associated with Oral Candidiasis in People Living with HIV/AIDS: A Case Control Study

Suryana K, Antara I G P J, Suharsono H,
02 November 2020

This case control study focused on determining the risk factors of oral candidiasis (OC) in PLWHA living Bali, particularly the one…

The burden of HIV infection among men who purchase sex in low- and middle-income countries – a systematic review and meta-analysis

Kaldor J, Guy R, Wulandari L P L,
22 October 2020

The systematic review focused on synthesizing evidences of HIV prevalence among men who purchase sex (MWPS) in low-and middle-incom…

HIV in Indonesia and in neighbouring countries and its social impact

Challacombe S J, Riono P,
19 October 2020

This research focused on examining the current condition of HIV epidemic in Indonesia and the neighboring countries, as well as ass…

First Report on HHV-6 Infection Among HIV-Infected Individuals Residing in Surabaya, Indonesia

Soetjipto, Nasronudin, Oktafiani D, Megasari N L A, Ana E F, Lusida M I,
30 September 2020

This research aims to determine the presence of HHV-6 infection among HIV infected individuals. Taking place in Surabaya, Indonesia…

Frailty among HIV-1 Infected Adults under Antiretroviral Therapy in Indonesia

Shatri H, Wulunggono W, Wahyudi E R, Yunihastuti E, Ophinni Y,
30 September 2020

This article mainly focused on discussing frailty as one of the comorbidities among HIV-1 infected individuals, aiming to identify …

Sexual and reproductive health of women living with HIV in Muslim-majority countries: a systematic mixed studies review

Juliastuti D, Dean J, Fitzgerald L,
16 September 2020

This study is a systematic mixed review focusing on synthesizing empirical evidence on social, cultural, and structural factors inf…

Perlindungan buruh migran Indonesia melalui deteksi dini HIV/AIDS pada saat reintegrasi ke daerah asal

Kinasih S E, Dugis V M A,
28 April 2020

This study was aimed to investigate various health issues faced by migrant workers before they depart and after they arrived back in Indonesia. An early detection of HIV/…

Active and latent tuberculosis among HIV-positive injecting drug users in Indonesia

Meilana I, Wisaksana R, Chaidir L, Lestari M, Meijerink H, and others,
28 April 2020

This article was aimed to examine the association between IDUs with the prevalence of active tuberculosis and latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) among HIV positive individuals. IDUs were one of …