Epidemiologi merupakan ilmu dan analisa mengenai distribusi (siapa, kapan, dan dimana), pola, serta faktor/determinan kesehatan maupun kondisi penyakit pada tingkat populasi.

Perlindungan buruh migran Indonesia melalui deteksi dini HIV/AIDS pada saat reintegrasi ke daerah asal

Kinasih S E, Dugis V M A,
28 April 2020

This study was aimed to investigate various health issues faced by migrant workers before they depart and after they arrived back in Indonesia. An early detection of HIV/…

Active and latent tuberculosis among HIV-positive injecting drug users in Indonesia

Meilana I, Wisaksana R, Chaidir L, Lestari M, Meijerink H, and others,
28 April 2020

This article was aimed to examine the association between IDUs with the prevalence of active tuberculosis and latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) among HIV positive individuals. IDUs were one of …

Manifestasi HIV AIDS pada Kasus Neurologi: Studi Epidemiologi di Rumah Sakit Saiful Anwar Malang Tahun 2013-2014

Munir B, Candradikusuma D,
28 April 2020

This study had the purpose on determining the pattern of HIV-AIDS disease which involves nervous system in Saiful Anwar Hospital, Malang. One of the less common complicat…

Analysis on Secondary Infection-Triggering Microorganisms in HIV/AIDS Patients as A Model For Policy Control

Nasronudin, Khairunisa S Q, Rahayu R R, Lukito B D, Ferdiansyah, Indrawati R, Adiana M, Widiyanti P, Kotaki T,
28 April 2020

This observational descriptive research was aimed to analyze microorganisms that potentially triggered secondary infection in HIV-AIDS patients. HIV infection was often, …

Concomitant sexually transmitted diseases in patients with diagnosed HIV/AIDS: A Retrospective Study

Harnanti, D.V., Hidayati, A. N., Miftahussurur, M.,
26 March 2020

The goal of this study is to determine the incidence, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of STIs in patients with HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is known to weaken the human immun…

The cascade of HIV care among key populations in Indonesia: a prospective cohort study

Iskandar, S., Januraga, P.P., Lestari, B.W., Kaldor, J.M., Mulyani, T., …, Wisaksana, R., Reekie, J.,
26 March 2020

This study examined the estimation of the cascade of HIV care in key populations and identified predictors of outcomes at key cascade steps. This study was a quantitative study which targeted men …

Cardiovascular disease risk in HIV-Positive Populations in Indonesia: A Literature Review

Fahmi, I., Yona, S.,
26 March 2020

This study aimed to identify cardiovascular disease risk and factor-related in HIV-positive populations in Indonesia. Based on literature review, the authors came to the …

The Effects of Socio-demographic Characteristics on Indonesian Women’s Knowledge of HIV/AIDS: A Cross-sectional Study

Pradnyani, P. E., Mahmudah., Wibowo, A.,
26 March 2020

The intention of this study was to characterize Indonesian women’s knowledge of HIV/AIDS and to investigate the effects of socio-demographic characteristics on that…

Mapping histoplasmosis in South East Asia - implications for diagnosis in AIDS

Setianingrum, F., Denning, D. W., Baker, J., Wahyuningsih, R.,
25 March 2020

This systematic literature review was aimed to map the cases, along with diagnosis implication of histoplasmosis on AIDS in South East Asia. Histoplasmosis was considered…