Biomedis merupakan cabang dari ilmu medis yang mengaplikasikan prinsip biologis dan fisiologis untuk praktik klinis. Biomedis menekankan pengobatan terstandardisasi dan berbasis bukti penelitian.

Human herpes virus 8 antibodies in HIV-positive patients in Surabaya, Indonesia

Nasronudin, Fitriana E, Megasari N L, Oktafiani D, Soetjipto, Lusida M I,
12 October 2020

This clinical study examines the presence of HHV-8 antibodies in HIV positive patients residing in Surabaya, Indonesia. Human Herpe…

In vitro anti-HIV activity of ethanol extract from gandarusa (Justicia gendarussa Burm. f) leaves

Widiyanti P, Hikmawanti N P E, EW Prajogo B,
07 October 2020

This research mainly focused on evaluating anti-HIV activity of 70% fractionated-ethanol extract and 70% ethanol extract of J. …

Opportunistic parasitic infections in patients with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: A review

Sudarmaja M, Suwanti L T, Mufasirin M, Laksemi D A, Suastika K,
30 September 2020

This review focused on presenting an overview regarding etiologic agents a of opportunistic infections among countries, epidemiolog…

TNF-Block Genotypes Influence Susceptibility to HIV-Associated Sensory Neuropathy in Indonesians and South Africans

Gan J A, Octaviana F, Pillay P, Ariyanto I A, Price P, Gaff J, Ngassa Mbenda H G,
16 September 2020

This scientific article focused on discussing the relationship of TNF-Block genotypes and HIV-associated sensory neuropathy (SN). T…

Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease screening and management protocols among adult HIV clinics in Asia

et al, Boettiger D C, Ross J, Pujasari, Ditangoco R, Law M G, Huy B V, Heng B S L,
16 September 2020

This research mainly focused on describing the current practices for the screening and management of atherosclerotic cardiovascular…

Heroin use in Indonesia is associataed with higher expression of CCR5 on CD4+ cells and lower ex-vivo production of CCR5 ligands

Meijerink H, Utami F, and others, Soedarmo S, Jong, C A J d, Indrati A R,
27 April 2020

This research had the purpose of analyzing the association between heroin or opioid usage and the expression of the CCR5 gene on CD4+, which in turn will affect HIV infec…