Analisis Perilaku Seksual Berisiko pada Remaja Terinfeksi HIV dan AIDS

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Afritayeni, Yanti, P. D., & Angrainy, R. (2018). Analisis Perilaku Seksual Berisiko pada Remaja Terinfeksi HIV dan AIDS. Journal Endurance, 3(1), 69-81. DOI:



This quantitative study was directed in order to analyze the factors affecting high risk sexual behavior of HIV positive adolescents in Pekanbaru. As premarital sex and other related behavior increased HIV transmission among adolescents, consequences such as not being able to join school and workplace had risen in which further disturb said adolescents. An explanatory research approach was used on 95 HIV positive adolescents from Lancang Kuning Peer Foundation. Findings indicated that most of the adolescents’ knowledge on HIV-AIDS were good, but was followed with several bad experiences and psychological disturbance. Furthermore, most of them had engaged in high risk sexual behavior. The data that were analyzed also showed that sex drive and sexual experiences were the most dominant factors affecting risky sexual behavior. This research gave the depiction of several factors that may influence sexual behavior which might be useful for future HIV prevention efforts.