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From the Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals. The response to the HIV epidemic in Indonesia: challenges and opportunities

Wijayanti, F., Nisa, T., Tarmizi, S. N., Trihandini, I., Tobing, V., Akhtar, M., Djuwita, R.,
20 March 2020

This article focuses on the current state of HIV epidemic in Indonesia which has the potential of HIV epidemic concentrated among key population, and as of 2015, the coverage of HIV treatment by h…

Asymptomatic cryptococcal antigenemia is associated with mortality among HIV-positive patients in Indonesia

&, van der Ven, A., Ganiem, A. R., Wisaksana, R., Indrati, A. R., Meijerink, H., van Crevel, R, Alisjahbana, B.,
24 March 2020

This research focused on examining cryptococcal antigenemia as a risk factor for HIV-associated mortality in Indonesia that is still experiencing a rapidly growing HIV epidemic. A prospective data…

HIV multi-drug resistance at first-line antiretroviral failure and subsequent virological response in Asia

Sungkanuparph, S., Jiamsakul, A., Law, M., Kantor, R., ..., Kiertiburanakul, S., Praparattanapan, J.,
24 March 2020

This study aimed to analyze HIV multi-drug resistance at first-line antiretroviral failure and subsequent virologic response. Conducted in Asia using patients’ data from The TREAT Asia Studi…

Factors Associated with Symptoms of Depression among Injection Drug Users Receiving Antiretroviral Treatment in Indonesia

Hershow, R., Praptoraharjo, I., Setiawan, M., Irwanto., Li, Y., Levy, J,
24 March 2020

Aimed to identify key factors associated with symptoms of depression among IDUs receiving antiretroviral (ARV) treatment, this study was conducted in Jakarta and Denpasar…

Injecting drug use is associated with a more rapid CD4 cell decline among treatment naive HIV-positive patients in Indonesia

Iskandar, S., Heijer, d. M., Ven, A. J. A. M. v. d., B., R. v, Crevel, Alisjahbana, ,, Wisaksana, R., Meijerink, H.,
24 March 2020

This research focused on examining the association between injecting drug use and rapid CD4 cell decline among HIV-positive patients in Indonesia undergoing naïve tr…

Correlation between Demographics, Clinical, and Risk Factors for HIV Infection with HIV/TB Co-infection in Amertha Clinic Kerti Praja Foundation Denpasar

Nyoko, Y. O., Putra, E. I. W. G. A., Sawitri, A. A. S,
24 March 2020

This quantitative research was focused on determining the correlation between demographics, clinical, and risk factors for HIV infection with HIV/TB co-infection. The num…

Retrospective Longitudinal Analysis: Loss to Follow Up Undergoing Antiretroviral Therapy in Kerti Praja Foundation Bali 2002-2012

Sawitri, A. A. S., Widyanthini, D. N., Wirawan, D. N,
24 March 2020

This study aimed to depict the specific LTFU incidents and LTFU time median based on PLHIV’s characteristics in Bali. As LTFU was a major factor affecting the succe…

Policy for Drug Users in Indonesia: A Critical Policy Analysis of Jail Punishment and an Alternate Rehabilitation Policy

Sutarsa, I. N.,
24 March 2020

This article analyzed the progression of policy implemented for drug users in Indonesia. As drug users are viewed to be having mental disorder from an ICD 10 health persp…