Studi kebijakan merupakan sub-disiplin dari ilmu politik yang mencakup analisa proses pembuatan kebijakan dan konten dari kebijakan tersebut. Analisa kebijakan meliputi penelitian area substantive, serta evaluasi program dan dampak program dari desain kebijakan.

Integrating Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Into HIV Care Systems in Indonesia: A Synthesis of Recent Evidence

Linlin Lindayani, Heni Purnama, Irma Darmawati, Bhakti Permana,
01 September 2020

Combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) has improved the health and life expectancy of people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Comorbidities and geriatric syndrome are more preval…

HIV in Indonesia and in neighbouring countries and its social impact

Pandu Riono, Stephen J. Challacombe,
30 August 2020

HIV incidence is still increasing in parts of Indonesia and in several Asian Countries. New cases of HIV in Indonesia have risen from 7,000 per year in 2006 to 48,000 per year in 2017. In spite of…

Evolving ART crisis for people living with HIV in Indonesia

Keerti Gedela, Hendry Luis, Irwanto Irwanto, Wayan Dede Fridayantara, Pande Agung Mahariski, Frank Stephen Wignall,
01 June 2020

Country  lockdowns  in  response  to  the  COVID-19  pandemic  are  causing  drug  shortages  that  are  crippling  healt…

Contestation of Elite Discourse in Treatment of HIV and AIDS

Agustang, A, Yani, A., Arwan, A., Putra, D. M., Arlin, A.,
01 December 2019

Background: The discourse of HIV and AIDS determinants is dominated and developed by international insti-tutions through WHO, UNICEF, and donor institutions. We aimed to look at t…

Policy for Drug Users in Indonesia: A Critical Policy Analysis of Jail Punishment and an Alternate Rehabilitation Policy

Sutarsa, I. N.,
01 January 2014

The prevalence of drug users in Indonesia during 2004 was 1.5% from a total population (3.2 million people). About 69% of them were abusers and 31% were addicted. In addition, 6% of the total popu…