Ekonomi kesehatan adalah cabang dari ilmu ekonomi yang berhubungan dengan isu terkait efisiensi, efektivitas, nilai, serta perilaku dari produksi dan penggunaan layanan kesehatan.

The role of primary healthcare physicians in violence against Women intervention program in Indonesia

Purwaningtyas N H, Arya I F D, Setiawati E P, Wiwaha G,
04 December 2019

Background: Violence against women (VAW) has many impacts on health, but the role of the primary healthcare physicians in the intervention program is lacking. This research aimed …

Prioritizing HIV/AIDS prevention strategies in Bandung, Indonesia: A cost analysis of three different HIV/AIDS interventions

Wieland, M. W. M., Remers, T. E. P., Prawiranegara, R., Baltussen, R., Siregar, A. Y. M., de Bresser, I.,
15 August 2019

Background: Indonesia has one of the fastest growing HIV epidemics in Asia, which mainly concentrates within risk groups. Several strategies are available to combat this epid…

Potential for additional government spending on HIV/AIDS in 137 low-income and middle-income countries: an economic modelling study

Dieleman, J. L, Zlavog, B., Moses, M. W., Kates, J., Haakenstad, A., Tsakalos, G., Tao, T., …,
01 June 2019

Background: Between 2012 and 2016, development assistance for HIV/AIDS decreased by 20·0%; domestic financing is therefore critical to sustaining the response to HIV/A…

Keterjangkauan Biaya untuk Mendapatkan Pengobatan pada Anak dengan HIV AIDS dan Infeksi Oportunistik

Handayani R S, Susyanty A L, Sugiharti,
06 September 2017

HIV AIDS treatment is a lifelong treatment, so the continuity of treatment is very influential on the treatment outcome. Affordability is one aspect that can improve access and continuity to HIV A…

HIV Patients Drop Out in Indonesia: Associated Factors and Potential Productivity Loss

Rudi Wisaksana, Adiatma YM. Siregar, Pipit Pitriyan,
01 July 2016

Tujuan: meneliti tentang faktor-faktor yang berhubungan dengan probabilitas drop out yang lebih tinggi
bagi pasien HIV, dan potensi produktifitas yang hilang akibat drop out tersebut. Metod…

Cost–effectiveness of community-based practitioner programmes in Ethiopia, Indonesia and Kenya

Kielmann K, Witter S, McPake B, Taegtmeyer M, Edoka I, and others,
03 August 2015

Objective: To assess the cost–effectiveness of community-based practitioner programmes in Ethiopia, Indonesia and Kenya. Method: Incremental cost&…

Costs of HIV/AIDS treatment in Indonesia by time of treatment and stage of disease

Baltussen, R, Komarudin, D., Tromp, N., van der Ven, A., Wisaksana, R., van Crevel, R., Siregar, A. Y. M.,
01 January 2015

Background: We report an economic analysis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) care and treatment in Indonesia to assess the options and limitations of costs reduction, improvin…